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Enjoy a Green, Healthy Lawn without the Effort | Courtesy of Hunter Industries | lawn sprinklers

Expert Sprinkler Installation and Repair in Medicine Hat

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Efficient and Affordable

Coming from a background in irrigation farming right here in the Medicine Hat area, not only do we have a superb understanding of how important water is for healthy lawns, gardens, and trees, we also know the importance of water conservation.

Our company is capable of installing underground sprinklers into both new and existing lawns with the use of our vibrating knife ‘piper plow’. This equipment does the minimal amount of damage to existing lawns.

Known for quality for over 20 years, Relax Sprinklers’ reputation is your assurance of quality, value, and performance. Please contact us via email, text, or phone to schedule a free estimate and discover how affordable and efficient an automated home sprinkler system can be.

  • New installations of sprinkler systems

  • Service call and repair work

  • Fall winterizations and blowouts

Natural Lawn
Watering Made Easy | Gain remote access to your sprinkler system. | Remotes and Controllers
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