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Enjoy a Green, Healthy Lawn without the Effort | Courtesy of Hunter Industries | lawn sprinklers

Relax Sprinklers: Medicine Hat’s Lawn Hydration Specialists

Over 20 Years of Experience

If you are shopping for a sprinkler system installation or need service on an existing system, you’ve come to the right place. Relax Sprinklers has been serving the watering needs of residential customers in the Medicine Hat area since 1995, providing professional installations and repair services for all types of sprinkler systems.

Free Estimates on New Installations

Relax Sprinklers will do a complete installation of a fully automated sprinkler system to your satisfaction. We use a piper plow for installing our irrigation systems, which does a minimal amount of damage to existing lawns, gardens, and yards. We offer free estimates on new installations and do installations for new developments. Call us for all your sprinkler needs, including:

  • Residential underground sprinkler installations

  • Spring start-ups

  • Fall winterization/blowouts

  • Service and repairs on existing systems

  • Upgrades to existing systems

  • Free estimates on new installations

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Photos and video courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated.

One Year Full Warranty

Be sure to ask us about our new “EFFICIENT” systems, designed to save you money by reducing runoff, evaporation, and wind drift. All of our work is backed by a one year full warranty. Please contact our office to discuss your needs.

Installations and Repairs | Put our experience to use for your sprinklers. | Learn More
Watering Made Easy | Gain remote access to your sprinkler system. | Remotes and Controllers
Need New Sprinklers? | Get a free estimate on a new installation. | Call Us Now

Service Area

Medicine Hat area

Relax Sprinklers: 114 Markwick Dr. SE, Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 7V7 |
Phone: 403-548-1839 |Email:

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