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Enjoy a Green, Healthy Lawn without the Effort | Courtesy of Hunter Industries | lawn sprinklers

Why a Natural Lawn is Important for Your Home

Maintaining a natural lawn isn’t always easy: the ordeals of the seasons take a toll and demand you pay careful attention to keeping things green and healthy. While that fact has pushed some homeowners toward synthetic turfs, it’s important to remember the benefits of a natural lawn.

Taking pride of place among these is temperature. A natural green space acts as an alternative air conditioning unit for your home, reducing the temperature around it by up to 8°C. The temperature gap between a natural and a synthetic lawn rises exponentially on hot summer days.

Other benefits of a natural lawn include the ability to filter air pollutants, reduce water run-off, and produce vast amounts of oxygen. If you’re still on the fence about keeping a natural lawn, read the full top 10 environmental benefits, found on the News Canada website.

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